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Fire Poems

Autumn 2017

In Butterfly Class we read poems by Shirley Hughes. We chose to write our own poems and took inspiration from her poem ‘Fire’ and from our own experiences of Bonfire Night.


Beautiful Fire

Orange and red, massive tall flames flickering into the air and pointing everywhere.
Stinky smoke blowing in the breeze like a grey dragon protecting its eggs.
Black wood burning, turning white.
We feel warm, but the fire is hot.
It’s cosy and beautiful, sparkling in the night.
I like the colours bright.

By Rufus, Charly, Oliver and Phoebe G


Danger Dragon

I can see orange.
I can hear hiss…
I can hear Bang
When I am scared I jump. Bang
Golden glittering flames.
Dragon breath boiling hot.
I can feel the boiling hot fire.

By Hannah



Beautiful dragons in the woods dancing.
I see orange, ssss.
When I am scared I jump up in the air.
Sparks disappearing in the air.

By Anais


Our Fire

Flames dancing to its own hissing music.
Glittering bright sparks like glowing butterflies flying everywhere.
The smelly smoke, not nice to us, fills the sky with a dark cloud.
The embers get boiling hot.
Better beware – Do Not Touch,
Please take care,

By Neo, Phoebe S, Jack, Mayleen and Samuel


Beautiful Dragon

Pop, hiss, bang.
Beautiful colours.
The fire is beautiful.
There is lots of smoke swirling in the night.
The dragon made a nest and she fell asleep.
She woke up and she looked at her eggs and her eggs weren’t there.

By Maisie


Danger Dragon

I see red, I can see white.
I feel the fire boiling hot.
I looked at the fingers of flames.
I can smell the smoke.
I can see a dragon.
I can feel the heat.
The sparks are like butterflies fluttering.

By Tia-Sue